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A Chicago-based writer and editor, I manage marketing and communications for an amazing public library. Along with our community partners, we're working to improve literacy among our patrons and help our city rebound from the recession. I'm passionate about telling our patrons'  stories -- to our elected officials, to the press, to our actively engaged community, and, most importantly, to our future patrons who aren't yet aware of the library's resources. I'm really passionate about organizational strategy and business development.

I consider myself very lucky to edit the "Best Practices" column for Public Libraries magazine because it allows me to connect with colleagues across the country to learn about the essential work they're doing in their communities. I've contributed writing to numerous independent media outlets, from respected literary journals to startup magazines. I'm especially interested in arts and literary criticism and essays, social commentary, and art (visual or otherwise) as instrument of social and political change. I've written on a variety of topics, from Jacques Derrida to Downton Abbey. For more on my professional interests, including a list of publications, please see Vita.

With my partner, Rebecca Bennett, I'm the co-founder of Creating Iris, a not-for-profit advocacy organization which aims to promote the increased representation of LGBTQ+ themes in YA literature. To that end, we publish Iris, a quarterly literary magazine of new writing for and by LGBTQ+ young people and their allies.

I hold an honors degree in art history and political science from Northwestern University, where I learned that one of the most important things in life is to be creative in one's thinking, always seeking out connections between the seemingly discordant. I like to think that I bring a different perspective to what I do because I come from such a liberal arts background: I'm visual, analytical, and think anything can be improved with a bit of poetry. Currently, I serve as Vice President of Communications for Northwestern University Gay and Lesbian Alumni (NUGALA), and really enjoy giving back to the university community that gave me so much. 

When I'm not reading or writing, I can frequently be found knitting and baking. I like lots of French things, like croissants and misanthropic literature and scarves and Catherine Deneuve movies. I also like lots of English things, like the countryside and Rowan yarn and Downton Abbey and tea and Virginia Woolf -- and, of course, my partner!

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